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Caramel (Radio Version) (Duet)

Dans le style de

City High




uh huh come on
you can say
i'm plain jane
but it's not the same
now i ain't into
big names
but i like nice things

i watch boxin' matches
and the
football games
i wouldn't mind
bein' an actress
but i love to sing

i like goin' out
takin' walks and stuff
i don't run
with many girls
'cause they
talk too much

i enjoy quiet nights
at home
i'll cuddle up
next to ya
though i ain't a virgin
that don't mean
i'm havin' sex with ya

and anything i want
i got it
with brown eyes
smile like the sunrise

'cause anywhere i go
i'm spotted
and anything i want
i got it
with brown eyes
smile like the sunrise

look me in the eyes
i'm the kinda girl
you like

'cause baby
you're my kinda guy
think about it
you just might wanna
run with this
all night long

and if you want me
we can keep this goin'
but let me tell you
i'm the type
that's strong

and i don't trust
a lotta men
i'm independent
i ain't like
some other women

oh oh
ho oh ho
oh oh

ven aqui
ven aqui mama
baby girl
don't you know
you a star

see we could
take a little trip
to mi casa
spend a night
poppin' cris'
in the hot tub

see i ain't never seen
no girl like you
every sexy little thing
you do

five-five brown eyes
with your thick thighs
every time
i see you smile
oh oh
got me hypnotized

oh oh
na na na na na na now

i keep 'em mesmerized
listen to me closely
e-v-e is how
a thorough good
supposed to be

hate the thirsty type
can't even get
close to me
that's why
i got my own stack
how it's supposed
to be

i ain't about
the game playin'
and gift chasin'
all that frontin'
please be broke
big facin'

all the things i want
i got
forget me not
just from my stance
why you starin' at me
got you hot

not too many bitches
like her
one of a kind
i ain't even
in the bitch's life
she's just a dime

not impressed by
your cris' poppin'
'cause if you
what i like
into the night
we gon' be lip lockin'

but only if i choose to
i don't
fall in love easily
give 'em the blues boo
i had you sittin' 'round
misty eyed

get 'em all the time
ho oh
hot s### from city high

brown eyes
yea yea
anywhere i go
yeah oh wee oh
oh woh


  • Dur�e : 3:45
  • Tonalit� : Eb
  • Genre : R&B/Hip-hop
  • Ann�e de lancement : 2001
  • Langue : Anglais

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