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Dans le style de



e-v-e come
through in the mazara'

doin' it big
like i live
in the taj mahal

talk shit
and i don't get
in the blase blah

that's why they
lovin' her

that's real
when the chicks
that they talked about

is the words that
come out they mouth

she look good
without a doubt

ask for her
she back and cakin' out
come on

yea yea

they be watchin' while
we wiggle around
look at them droolin'

niggers ain't used
to this sound
i keep 'em movin'

all my ladies put
ya hands in the air
it's all right now
we gonna
keep you on ya
feet da whole night now

pop them
bottles yea
drink that up man

got you
feelin' crazy
well that was the plan

they was
waitin' for me
wasn't ready for this

he got the game
sewed up
know i'm talkin'
'bout swiss

so yeah i know
you wanna
fight it but why
would you try

we got ya shakin'
from the hood
to dubai

yea we do it big man
why would we lie
come on

get low get low
then pick up pick up
get your hands in the air
it's a stick-up stick-up

shake your tambourines
move it quicker quicker
yea i'm shakin' down
the town
get the picture picture

movin' on the floor
gotta love that
how she keep it going on
gotta love that

to the beat like a pro
know you love that
she can shake it to the
floor gotta love that

get your ass on the
dance floor
dance on
the dance floor

move 'em out the way
if they ain't doin' it
how you want yours

you ain't gotta ask
keep giving more
don't need
my permission
y'all heard what
you waitin' for


  • Dur�e : 3:18
  • Tonalit� : Cm
  • Genre : R&B/Hip-hop
  • Ann�e de lancement : 2007
  • Langue : Anglais

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