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Dans le style de

Johnny Cash

Willie Nelson

Waylon Jennings

Kris Kristofferson


i was a highwayman
along the
coach roads
i did ride
with sword and pistol
by my side

many a young maid
lost her baubles
to my trade
many a soldier
shed his lifeblood
on my blade

the bastards hung me
in the spring of '25
but i am still alive

i was a sailor
i was born
upon the tide
with the sea i did abide

i sailed a schooner
'round the horn
of mexico
i went aloft
to furl the mainsail
in a blow

and when the yards
broke off
they said that
i got killed
but i am livin' still

i was a dam builder
across the river
deep and wide
where steel and water
did collide

a place called
on the wild colorado
i slipped and
fell into the
wet concrete below

they buried me
in that gray tomb
that knows no sound
but i am still around
i'll always be

and around
and around
and around
and around
and around

i'll fly a starship
'cross the
universe divide
and when
i reach the other side

i'll find a place
to rest my spirit
if i can
perhaps i may become
a highwayman again

or i may simply be
a single drop of rain
but i will remain
and i'll be back

and again
and again
and again
and again
and again


  • Dur�e : 3:02
  • Tonalit� : Bm
  • Genre : Country
  • Ann�e de lancement : 1985
  • Langue : Anglais

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