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Pretty In Pink

Dans le style de

Psychedelic Furs


caroline laughs
and it's raining
all day
she loves to be
one of the girls

she lives in the place
in the side of
our lives
where nothing is
ever put straight

she turns herself
around and
she smiles and
she says
this is it
that's the end of
the joke

and loses herself
in her dreaming
and sleep
and her lovers
walk through
in their coats

pretty in pink
isn't she
pretty in pink
isn't she

all of her lovers
all talk of her notes
and the flowers
that they never sent
and wasn't she easy
isn't she
pretty in pink

the one who insists
he was first
in the line
is the last to
remember her name

he's walking around
in this dress
that she wore
she is gone but
the joke's the same

pretty in pink
isn't she
pretty in pink
isn't she

caroline talks
to you softly
she says i love you
and too much

she doesn't have
anything you want
to steal well
you can touch

she waves
she buttons
your shirt

the traffic is
waiting outside
she hands you
this coat
she gives you
her clothes
these cars collide

pretty in pink
isn't she
pretty in pink
isn't she

caroline talks
too easy
she finds a mansion
where she climbs
to beauty

it was all too easy
knows what she
wants to be
all too many miles
she waits until

don't believe
all you see
if you find yourself
when you shoot
the arrow
straight for

go down
seems there's times
of grace and roll
and it looks like
i told you


  • Dur�e : 3:57
  • Tonalit� : D
  • Genre : Pop
  • Ann�e de lancement : 1986
  • Langue : Anglais

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