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Stone Cold Crazy

Dans le style de



sleepin' very soundly
on a saturday mornin'
i was dreamin'
i was al capone

there's a rumor
going 'round
gotta clear
outta town yeah
smellin' like
a dry fish bone

here come the law
gonna break down
the door
gonna carry me away
once more

never i never
i never want it
gotta get away from
this stone-cold floor

rainy afternoon
i gotta blow
a typhoon
and i'm playing on
my slide trombone

anymore anymore
cannot take it
gotta get away from
this stone-cold floor
ow hit 'em up

walkin' down
the street
shooting people
that i meet
with my rubber
tommy water gun

here come a deputy
he's gonna come
and get-a me
i gotta get me
get up and run
they got
the sirens loose
i ran right outta juice

they're gonna
put me in a cell
if i can't go to heaven
will they let me
go to hell


  • Dur�e : 2:14
  • Tonalit� : Gm
  • Genre : Rock
  • Ann�e de lancement : 1974
  • Langue : Anglais

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