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I'm A Lonely Jew

Dans le style de

South Park


it's hard to be
a jew on christmas
my friends
won't let me
join in any games

and i can't sing
christmas songs
or decorate
a christmas tree

or leave water out
for rudolph
'cause there's
something wrong
with me

my people
don't believe in
jesus christ's divinity
i'm a jew
a lonely jew
on christmas

hanukkah is nice
but why is it
that santa
passes over my house
every year

and instead of
eating ham
i have to eat
kosher latkes
instead of
silent night
i'm singing
hoo hach do gaveev

and what
the f#ck is up
with lighting
all these
f#ck#ng candles
tell me please

i'm a jew
a lonely jew
i'd be merry
but i'm hebrew
on christmas


  • Dur�e : 1:48
  • Tonalit� : B
  • Genre : Spécialités
  • Ann�e de lancement : 1999
  • Langue : Anglais

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