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Don't Cha (Duet)

Dans le style de

The Pussycat Dolls


Busta Rhymes


ok ah
yeah ah
a-we about to get it
just a little hot
and sweaty in this
ooh baby

ladies let's go uh
soldiers let's go
let me talk to y'all
and just you know
give you a little

you see the s###
get hot every time
i come through
when i step up
in the spot
are you ready

make the place
sizzle like
a summertime cookout
prowl for
the best chick
yes i'm on the lookout
let's dance

slow bangin' shorty
like a belly dancer
with it
smell good
pretty skin
ooh baby
so gangsta with it

no tricks
only diamonds
under my sleeve
gimme the number
but make sure you
before you leave

i know you like me
i know you do
that's why whenever
i come around
she's all over you

and i know you want it
it's easy to see
and in the back
of your mind
i know you should be
with me

don't you wish
your girlfriend was
hot like me
don't you wish
your girlfriend
was a freak like me
don't ya
don't ya

don't you wish
your girlfriend
was raw like me
don't you wish
your girlfriend
was fun like me
don't ya
don't ya

fight the feelin'
leave it alone
'cause if it ain't love
it just ain't enough
to leave a happy home

let's keep it friendly
ya have to play fair
see i don't care
but i know she ain't
gon' wanna share

uh uh uh
like me
don't ya baby

big fun

i see how it's
goin' down
seem like shorty
want a little ménage
to pop off
or somethin'

well let me
get straight to it
every broad wanna
watch a n####
when i come through

it's the god almighty
lookin' all
shorty wanna
jump in my
astin van jewish

lookin' at me
all like she
really wanna do it
tryin' to put it on me
till my b####
black and blueish

you wanna play
with a playa girl
then play on
trip out the chanel
and leave
the lingerie on

watch me
and i'm gon' watch ya
at the same time
lookin' at you
wanna break my back

you're the very reason
why i keep a pack
of the magnum
and with the wag
hit you in the back
with the magnum

for the record
don't think it was
somethin' you did
shorty all on me
'cause it's hard
to resist the kid

i got a idea
that's dope for y'all
if y'all could get cool
so i can hit
the both of y'all
don't worry
about it sugar
heh heh heh

like me
don't ya baby
big fun


  • Dur�e : 3:44
  • Tonalit� : Bm
  • Genre : R&B/Hip-hop
  • Ann�e de lancement : 2005
  • Langue : Anglais

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