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Invisible Man

In the style of



mm mm
ho ho ho

you can hardly
wait to tell
all your friends
how his kisses taste
sweet like wine

and how he always
makes your heart
skip a beat
every time
he walks by

and if you're
feelin' down
he'll pick you up
he'll hold you close
when you're
makin' love

he's everything
you've been
dreamin' of
oh baby

i wish you'd
look at me that way
your beautiful eyes
lookin' deep
into mine
tellin' me more than
any words could say

but you don't even
know i'm alive
ho oh oh
baby to you
all i am
is the invisible man
oh oh you don't
see me baby

you probably spend
hours on the phone
talkin' 'bout
nothin' at all

it doesn't matter
what the
just as long as
he calls

lost in a love so real
and so sincere
and you wipe away
each other's tears
your face lights up
whenever he
appears oh oh

look at me that way
deep into mine
you don't even
know i'm alive
is the invisible man

look at me baby
deep into mine
oh no no
ho ho ho

you don't see me girl
but i love you
yes i love you
ho ho ho
yeah yeah
baby baby baby


  • Duration : 3:57
  • Key : C
  • Genre : Pop
  • Year released : 1997
  • Language : English

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