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Breakup 2 Makeup

In the style of



i saw you again
for the first time

been a long time

it brought out all these feelings
that i never knew i had inside

seeing you with another girl
it didn't sit with me too well

and i'm mad at myself
'cos i love you

and with or without you
i'm goin' through hell

yeah hey
baby yeah

i don't think i
could shake ya baby


my baby

i never knew i could love you
how i love you

i thought that i
was through with you

so glad that i could be single
now i'm gone thinkin'

'bout the past

and wish that we
could just go back

and i'm mad at myself
'cos i love you

and i really want you
to come on back

yeah oh i want you to
come back to me babe

hey yeah

ooh ooh ooh ooh

i don't think i
could shake ya baby

hey yeah

i don't know if i'm crazy
but all my pain and

the heartache you gave me

that only made me
wanna get back with you oh

oh oh oh oh oh

you held her hand
the way you held mine

you felt her huh
the way you felt mine

and all the fightin'
that we went through

see i was already used to it

ooh ooh ooh ooh ah ah
ah ah ah ah ah

crazy hey yeah

i wanna make up
with you babe

i don't think i
could shake ya babe

ooh ooh
oh oh oh

baby hey
what did you do?

ooh ooh you got
me missin' you

oh oh

ooh ooh
oh oh

make up


oh oh oh oh oh oh

i don't know what you did?
to me boy

but i want you to come

come back now or
i'll go crazy crazy

crazy crazy


  • Duration : 3:58
  • Key : A
  • Genre : R&B/Hip-Hop
  • Year released : 2003
  • Language : English

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