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War Pigs

In the style of

Black Sabbath


generals gathered
in their masses
just like witches
at black masses

evil minds that
plot destruction
sorcerer of
death's construction

in the fields
the bodies burning
as the war machine
keeps turning

death and hatred
to mankind
poisoning their
brainwashed minds
oh lord yeah

politicians hide
themselves away
they only started
the war

why should they
go out to fight
they leave that role
to the poor

time will tell on
their power minds
making war
just for fun

treating people
just like
pawns in chess
wait till their
judgment day comes

now in darkness
world stops turning
ashes where
the bodies burning

no more war pigs
have the power
hand of god
has struck the hour

day of judgment
god is calling
on their knees
the war pigs crawling

begging mercies
for their sins
satan laughing
spreads his wings
oh lord yeah


  • Duration : 7:54
  • Key : E
  • Genre : Rock
  • Year released : 1971
  • Language : English

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