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Sincerely Yours

In the style of

Debby Boone


lord i take my pen to
write to you a letter
knowing even now you
know what's on my mind

but i think perhaps it might
make me feel better
if i see myself here
written in a line

and as i close i see a
phrase i took for granted
and it leaps out as
i see it written there

and as the
truth of it
begins to
become planted

these two
words have now
become my
heartfelt prayer

sincerely yours lord
i sign my life to you
sincerely yours with a
strong and honest wish

to be the best that
i can be at what i am
without a thought for
me lord teach me now to be

sincerely yours without
a proud or selfish line
sincerely yours now
until there is no time

please make my life
become a letter
you can keep and
never throw away

i'll write it till the
day that i become

yours sincerely
yours sincerely


  • Duration : 3:04
  • Key : Bb
  • Genre : Christian
  • Year released : 1988
  • Language : English

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