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Jesus To A Child

In the style of

George Michael


in your eyes
i guess
you heard me cry
you smiled at me like
jesus to a child

i'm blessed i know
heaven sent
what heaven stole
you smiled at me like
jesus to a child

and what have
i learned
from all this pain
i thought i'd never
feel the same
about anyone
or anything again

but now i know
when you find love
when you know
that it exists

then the lover
that you miss
will come to you
on those cold
cold nights

when you've
been loved
when you know it
holds such bliss

then the lover
that you've kissed
will comfort you
when there's
no hope in sight

so the words you
could not say
i'll sing them for you
and the love we
would have made
i'll make it for two

for every
single memory
has become a
part of me
you will always be
my love

well i've been loved
so i know just
what love is
and the lover
that i kissed
is always
by my side

oh the lover
i still miss
was jesus to a child


  • Duration : 4:06
  • Key : Dbm
  • Genre : Pop
  • Year released : 1996
  • Language : English

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