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Come And Talk To Me

In the style of



yeah, i been watching
you baby

for a long time

hey, hey, hey, hey, so good

i got my eyes on you

i been watchin' you
for so very long

trying to get my nerve
built up to be so strong

i really want to meet you
but i'm kind of scared

'cos you're the kind of
lady with so much class

i get my thoughts together
for the very next day

but then i see you, baby
i forget what to say

your eyes and hair
such a beautiful tone

the way you dress and walk
it really turns me on

ooh, you really turn me on

come on, come on, come on

mmm, yeah
i wanna know you

ooh, yeah

oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

there you are again
with the same smile each day

i wanna know what it is
that made me feel this way

how i wish i could grab you

tell you what it means to me

to see you walkin'
by the way, girl

it really makes my day

before i go to sleep
and dream about you

i'm a single man
i'm hopin' you are single, too

why do i seek somethin'
to set my mind free

'cos curiosity is buggin'
the hell out of me, yeah

talk to me, talk to me
talk to me, baby

mmm, my baby

ooh, and you know
and you know

and you know
and you know, know

now baby
i wanna meet you

said i wanna know
you baby, yeah

go on and tell me your name

let me play your game, baby

oh, yeah

i wanna know you baby, yeah

ah, ah, and you know
and you know

and you know
and you know, know

i wanna know you

i wanna know

i wanna know you, baby


  • Duration : 4:08
  • Key : Em
  • Genre : R&B/Hip-Hop
  • Year released : 1992
  • Language : English

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