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Judas Priest

Song Title Genre Year Language Duration
A Touch of Evil Rock 1990 English 5:44
Before The Dawn Rock 1978 English 3:23
Beyond the Realms of Death Rock 1978 English 6:54
Breaking The Law Rock 1980 English 2:35
Desert Plains Rock 1981 English 4:45
Diamonds and Rust (live acoustic) Pop 1990 English 3:50
Diamonds and Rust Rock 1977 English 3:24
Freewheel Burning Rock 1983 English 4:27
Heading Out to the Highway Rock 1981 English 3:44
Hell Bent For Leather Rock 1979 English 2:39
Living After Midnight Rock 1980 English 3:40
Love Bites Rock 1983 English 4:53
Metal Gods Rock 1980 English 4:00
Painkiller Rock 1990 English 6:06
Revolution Rock 2005 English 4:30
Screaming For Vengeance Rock 1982 English 4:44
Some Heads Are Gonna Roll Rock 1984 English 4:15
The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown) Rock 1978 English 3:24
The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown) Rock 1979 English 3:23
The Hellion/Electric Eye Rock 1982 English 4:21
The Ripper Rock 1976 English 2:55
The Sentinel Rock 1986 English 4:58
Turbo Lover Rock 1986 English 5:42
Victim Of Changes Rock 1976 English 7:08
You've Got Another Thing Comin' Rock 1982 English 4:36