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Losing Kind Of Love

In the style of

Lacy J. Dalton


you're lookin' for
someone to love
for tonight
well that's alright

and i'm gonna
let you get away
with your plans
'cause i need a man
you'll be
standing in tonight
for a memory

and i'll be easy
'cause there's
a losin' kind of love
inside of me

it ain't always
been like this
once there
was meaning
in a kiss

now kissing you
just carries on
the memories
i'm living on

i'm confessing
can't you see
you're standin' in
for a memory
of a losin'
kind of love
inside of me

when i look over
in the mornin' light
and you're not there
it'll be alright

'cause you'll have
helped me make it
through the night
pretendin' it was him
who held me tight

but it won't be easy
to face this
losin' kinda love
losin' kinda love
there's a
losin' kinda love
inside of me


  • Duration : 3:12
  • Key : E
  • Genre : Country
  • Year released : 1980
  • Language : English

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