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Paper Walls

In the style of

Marc Cohn


well i had just checked
in when the sun came up
after ten hours on the bus

i was starin' at the stains
on the ceiling baby
tryin' not to
think about us

but then someone
in room 502
started doin' the things
that we used to do
every bang every boom

was just like it
was happening
in my own room
'cause they got paper walls
paper walls paper walls

i closed the curtains
i shut the light
i heard the highway moan

next thing
i remember
they was havin'
a fight in there
then she was all alone

i heard her cryin'
in her darkest hour
i heard the echo from
the hotel shower

i heard her start
to packin' her things
so i called her number
and i heard it ring

right through paper walls
paper walls paper walls
hoo yeah

she said woh oh ooh woh
woh oh oh oh woh yeah
come on now

i've never seen
such a sight before
the way she looked
when she opened her door

hush now baby
don't make a sound
when all your love
comes a-tumblin' down

just like a paper wall
paper walls paper walls

ooh hoo
just like paper walls
paper walls it's alright

it ain't the road
that kills you
it's not the all
night calls

it ain't the road
that kills you baby
it's just the paper walls
it ain't the road


  • Duration : 4:09
  • Key : Gm
  • Genre : Pop
  • Year released : 1993
  • Language : English

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