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In the style of

Mariah Carey


ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh
ha ha ha ha ha
oh yeah

i need a lover
to give me
the kind of love
that'll last always
i need somebody
to take me away babe
oh yeah

i want a lover
who knows me yeah
who understands
how i feel inside

someone to comfort
and hold me
through the long
lonely nights
to the dawn
why don't ya
take me away

baby take me up
take me anywhere
you want to
baby now
ooh ooh ooh

won't you please
come around
'cause i wanna
share forever
with you baby
with you baby

i don't want another
pretender no
to disillusion me
one more time

whispering words
of forever
playin' with my mind
no no
n-n-no no no baby

i need someone
to hold on to
the kind of love
that won't fly away

i just want someone
to belong to
every day of my life
always so come and
take me away

oh baby
take me anywhere
you want to baby now
i need ya so
won't ya please

sugar with you
ooh ooh oh yeah yeah
doo ooh ooh yeah
baby come and
take me away

take me down
oh oh oh oh oh
i need ya baby
won't you please
wee ee ee ee ee ee ee
yeah hey

doo ba doo ba
doo doo doo doo
woh woh woh oh
i need ya so
i need ya so
woh oh oh oh

take me up oh oh oh
oh oh oh oh oh
oh oh oh
come on baby


  • Duration : 3:52
  • Key : F
  • Genre : Pop
  • Year released : 1993
  • Language : English

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