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I'm Yours

In the style of

Quincy Jones


El DeBarge

Siedah Garrett


hasn't always been
a sunny day
now and then
there's been
a little rain

but together
we remain
nothin' to lose
everything to gain and
i can't imagine
what a day would be

if there never was
a you and me
just know
i'll be here always

through the years
i have come to know
rain makes
a flower grow
and if it must rain
let it pour

'cause i'll be
your strength and
much more
i'm yours

lost everything
i'm yours baby
a love
i want the world
to see baby

i knew that
you were mine
just know that
i'm yours

oh ho
like the sun on
the mornin' dew
every day
i feel renewed

still room in
my heart to fall
more in love
with you oh oh

if ever there was
a bond between two
even closer than
the stars and
the moon

i don't ever have to
say a word
my heart can talk
to you oh oh

you give me
pleasure and
nothin's better than
showin' you love
in return
you are the one
i adore
that's why i'm yours

no it don't matter
i'm yours
just know that
i am yours yes
ooh i'm yours
i know that
you are mine
just know that i am

i'll be yours until
the end of time
then we'll start over
in another life
nothing means more
to me
forever i will be
just believe i'm yours

hoo ooh hoo ooh ooh
no it don't matter
i'm yours
if we were rich
if we were poor
if we lost everything
we lost
everything babe

i'm yours i'm yours oh
just 'cause that
you are mine
i know that i am yours

baby i'm yours
you know i'm yours
if you don't stay
with me
still i'd be yours
until the end of time
still you'll always
be mine

doesn't matter what
tomorrow brings
still you'll always
be my everything


  • Duration : 4:01
  • Key : Ab
  • Genre : R&B/Hip-Hop
  • Year released : 1999
  • Language : English

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