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Do You Want Me

In the style of



you say it loud
and i heard you
tried to hurt you

some say
i'm old-fashioned
i like to take my time
and do it slow
you know

with the flow
but don't try
to rush it so
ride it like a horse
and let nature
take its course
get to know
each other

be my friend
not just my lover
share your
thoughts with me
love my mind
not just
my body baby

please understand
the way i feel
i must have trust
or there's no deal

my emotions
ain't to be
played with
or given free

i appreciate greatly
the way you
tolerated me
i do act flakey
i wouldn't blame you
if ya hate me

you put up
with my butt
when i wouldn't
give it up
yeah i know
that really sucks
but if you wait awhile
i'll make it up

who me a tease
brotha please
you just havin'
bad memories

about some skeeze
who did the squeeze
and had you
on your hands
and knees

i am tellin' you
straight out
that's not what
i'm all about

i'd just be
playin' myself out
if i spent the night
at your house

don't get me wrong
i didn't mean
to turn you on
we haven't known
each other long
but this is my life
not just a song

do you really
want me baby
do you really
want me baby

do you really
want me baby
do you really
want me baby

do you really
want me baby
let me know


  • Duration : 3:49
  • Key : Bm
  • Genre : R&B/Hip-Hop
  • Year released : 1991
  • Language : English

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