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Minute By Minute

In the style of

The Doobie Brothers


hey don't worry
i been lied to
i been here
many times before
girl don't you worry
i know where i stand

i don't need this love
i don't need your hand
i know i could turn
blink and
you'd be gone
then i must
be prepared
any time to carry on

i keep holdin' on
oh no
i keep holdin' on
oh baby

you would stay
just to
watch me darlin'
wilt away on
lies from you
can't stop the habit
of livin' on the run

take it all
for granted
like you're
the only one

livin' on my own
somehow that
sounds nice
you think i'm your fool
well you may
just be right

i keep holdin' on now
oh yes i will
i keep holdin' on baby
i keep holdin' on

call my name
and i'll be gone
you'll reach out
and i won't be there

just my luck
you'll realize
you should
spend your life
with someone
you could
spend your life
with someone

i'll be holdin' on
yeah yeah now
oh baby
i'll be holdin' on
i'll be holdin' on
don't you
remember me
yeah yeah


  • Duration : 3:36
  • Key : C
  • Genre : Rock
  • Year released : 1979
  • Language : English

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