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Cowboy Movies

In the style of

Waylon Jennings


i've always loved
cowboy movies
when i was young
one of the big
things in my life
was the saturday
afternoon matinees

with gene autry
roy rogers lash larue
and then later on
john wayne

i guess in some ways
i've never grown up
because i still love
the reruns on t.v.

now i've tried my best
to get my sons
to watch 'em with me

until one of 'em
and i won't say which one
gave me a pretty
good reason
why he didn't
want to watch
cowboy movies with me

so you just listen
to this song now
and see if you
can figure out
what his reason was

my dad talks a lot
about cowboys

like john wayne and people
i don't even know
i like the cartoons
on saturday mornin'
'cause i'm only
four years old

but my dad just loves
cowboy movies
he even bought
me a big cowboy hat

and when i put it on
with my boots and my levis
i can tell that
he really likes that

oh da-lay-ee-oh

i love to watch

you might say i grew
up on sesame street
my favorites are big bird
and oscar the grouch
but i think the
muppets are neat

but my dad just
loves cowboy movies
he's never heard
of ernie and bert
i'm just not a cowboy
i guess i'm a now boy

and i sure hope his
feelings aren't hurt

yo-da-lay-ee oh


  • Duration : 3:00
  • Key : C
  • Genre : Country
  • Year released : 1986
  • Language : English

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