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In the style of

West Side Story (Movie Version)


puerto rico
you lovely island
island of
tropical breezes

always the
pineapples growing
always the
coffee blossoms

puerto rico
you ugly island
island of
tropic diseases

always the
hurricanes blowing
always the
population growing
and the money owing
and the babies crying
and the bullets flying

i like-a the island
smoke on your pipe
and put that in

i love to be in america
ok by me in america
everything free
in america
for a small fee
in america
andale ita

i like the city
of san juan
i know a boat
you can get on
ha ha ha

hundreds of flowers
in full bloom
hundreds of people
in each room

automobile in america
chromium steel
in america
wire-spoke wheel
in america
very big deal
in america

i'll drive a buick
through san juan
if there's a road
you can drive on ha
i'll give my cousins
a free ride
how you get
all of them inside

immigrant goes
to america
many hellos in america
nobody knows
in america
puerto rico's
in america

oi oi oi
andale anita

ah ah ah
ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah ah

i'll bring a tv
to san juan
if there's a current
to turn on

i'll give them
new washing machine
what have
they got there
to keep-a clean

i like the shores
of america
comfort is yours
in america

knobs on the doors
in america
wall-to-wall floors
in america
ha ha ha

ah ah ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah ah ah ah
arr arr arr
woop uh uh uh
uh uh uh
uh uh uh uh uh uh
woop woop woop

when i will go back
to san juan
when you will shut up
and get gone

everyone there
will give big cheer
everyone there
will have moved here

ow ow ow
ow ow ow
ow ow ow


  • Duration : 4:32
  • Key : C
  • Genre : Showtunes
  • Year released : 1961
  • Language : English

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