Karaoke for Xbox 360 - FAQ

Karaoke for Xbox 360 - FAQ

Karaoke for Xbox 360 is super easy to use, but we understand that you may have questions. If you need help using Karaoke for Xbox 360 and don't find the answer here, please visit Xbox Support

Where do I find Karaoke for Xbox 360?
Launch Xbox LIVE and search for karaoke. Select Karaoke to download the app. Pin the app to your home page so that you always find Karaoke quickly when you're in the mood to sing.

I've got an Xbox what else do I need to play karaoke?
To sing karaoke, you will need an Xbox 360 and an Xbox LIVE account (Silver or Gold). An Xbox 360 compatible USB microphone as well as Kinect are required for some features. A limited number of songs are available to try karaoke for free. A Karaoke Pass is required to access additional songs.

How much does it cost?
You can try Karaoke for Xbox 360 for free by singing one of the free songs. To sing all songs available in your territory, Karaoke Passes may be purchased using Microsoft Points, in blocks of 2 hours (240 Points), 6 hours (400 Points) or 30 days = 720 hours (1600 Points).

How is time counted on Karaoke Passes?
Karaoke Passes count continuous real-time, much like time rented at private karaoke rooms. A 2 hour Karaoke Pass is perfect for a quick 2 hour sing-along solo or with friends, whereas 6 hour Karaoke Passes are designed for larger, karaoke parties that tend to go on longer than 2 hours. The 30 day Karaoke Pass is designed for singers who sing regularly and frequently. The time period starts upon playback of a song after you've purchased the Karaoke Pass. If you purchase a 2 hour Karaoke Pass at 7 pm, play your first song at 7:45 pm, time on the 2 hour pass will expire at 9:45 pm. A countdown in real-time is displayed on screen so that you know how many hours : minutes you have left to sing.

Where can I get a microphone?
Xbox 360 compatible USB microphones will work with Karaoke, or Xbox 360 wireless microphones or an Xbox 360 compatible headset. You can use your RockBand or Lips Xbox 360 wireless microphones. The KMD Universal Mic for Xbox 360 is readily available at many video game and electronics retail outlets.

How many microphones can be used at a time?
Two microphones can be used at a time, whether you are using wireless microphones or USB microphones or one of each. Only one headset may be used at a time. Headsets must be disconnected when using wireless or USB microphones.

Can multiple SmartGlass devices be used at the same time?
To use SmartGlass with Karaoke for Xbox 360 you need to log in to the same Xbox LIVE profile that you're logged into on the console, so only one companion device may be used at a time to browse song listings, search and add songs to the queue.

Where can we view the full song catalog?
Once you launch the Karaoke App, Xbox LIVE Marketplace > Apps > Music Apps > Browse Apps), you will be able to try the app for free by playing the free songs. You can also browse the songs lists or search and see all the song listings - so you will know what songs are on the service before you purchase a Karaoke Pass.

Why is there a voice singing the music?
Karaoke features an option where you can sing along to songs with an optional lead vocal guide track. The purpose of this track is to help you learn the song or to give you added confidence when singing along. You can turn off the lead vocal when selecting the song to add it to the song queue.

The lead vocal option is off, why do I still hear vocals when I play a song?
Some songs contain back vocal tracks. It is not possible to turn off the back vocal track.

Why is the song playing vocals that don't match the lyrics?
Some songs contain back vocal tracks. The scrolling lyrics are displayed only for the lead vocal track, not the backing vocal track.

The microphone volume is not loud enough, how can I increase the volume of my voice?
Use the Left and Right buttons on the controller to increase or decrease the microphone volume.

Why is there a delay between the music and lyrics?
Television monitors differ and it is possible that some may cause a delay to occur between the music, lyrics and your vocal performance when using a microphone. This issue will occur more frequently when Xbox360 is connected to television monitors using an HDMI cable. To avoid this issue you can connect the Xbox 360 to your monitor using a component or digital cable.

If you are still experiencing a delay, please try the following to ensure you have the best experience:

  • If you use your TV for sound:
    Please set the TV mode to Game, Immediate or an equivalent mode if available. For information on this please consult your TV’s manual.
  • If you use a stereo for sound:
    • Ensure that the Xbox 360 audio is directly connected to the stereo and not connected to the TV and then to the stereo.
    • If available, specify that the stereo uses Dolby Pro Logic II or Dolby Digital for decoding the audio.
  • If you continue to have difficulties, you can reduce the volume of the singer’s voice in the Options menu.