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TOP Technology Podcaster The Daily App Show recommends The KARAOKE Channel Mobile App

"I recommend that you check out The KARAOKE Channel, I think it's loads of fun, and the small fee for the subscription service makes it worth having rather than going and buying all those tracks individually."

- Jerad Hill, The Daily App Show,

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The best Karaoke app

I perform at karaoke clubs about once a week and was looking for a way to practice at home. This is perfect cause I can just lie down on my sofa and practice all I want on my iPhone. Don't need to stay in front of my PC anymore. And you just can't beat the 2.99 subscription for 6000 songs... Can't wait for them to add recordings to this app, which they say is coming as an update. I've tried several other karaoke apps out there, but this is the only one that has enough songs to trully be called a Karaoke app.
Majesty4 (Canada)
version 1.1 - Jan 3, 2010

Awesome Karaoke App!

I enjoy the videos playing in the background while I sing and listening to people singing my favorite songs. There's a very good library of songs to choose from. Awesome Karaoke App!
Boogieman79 (Canada)
version 1.1 - Jan 23, 2010

Can't get enough!

I <3 this app. Love karaoke - and love that I can karaoke anytime now!
SuzieMojo (US)
version 1.1 - Jan 26, 2010

Fun and great songs

The selections of songs are really diverse and the app is really simple to use. Highly reccommended
Dnakata (US)
version 1.1 - Feb 2, 2010

Lots to choose from

There are a lot of recent songs to choose from in this app and it's super easy to navigate. I like that you can choose favorites too so you don't have to go searching for songs that everyone likes to sing the most. Pretty good videos to go along with the music too. My favorite part is the "Recordings" tab, which has other people's uploaded karaoke performances - soooooo entertaining!
missmaren (US)
version 1.1 - Feb 4, 2010